Course Open Now for Members

Course is now open for members to play casual golf on condition they adhere to following protocols & guidelines.

Message from Captain Liam & Lady Captain Jo.

On behalf of Officers and committees we are delighted that our Golf Club will reopen for play on Monday 18th May. We are very fortunate that golf has been allowed to be one of the first sports to return to some degree of normality and that the great work of both Golf Unions (ILGU and GUI) who brought this to fruition have our thanks.

We would also like to place on record our thanks to our Green-keeping staff for their continued great work to keep our course in pristine condition and this will allow us to enjoy the fruits of their hard work in the coming weeks.

Please enjoy your golf and stay safe.

All members have received the protocol and Guidelines and we would ask that members make themselves aware of the content, as full compliance will ensure the safety and well-being for our golfing community.

It’s imperative that BRS is used to book tee times for casual golf and that members check in when they arrive in the club grounds.

Members who want to use the practice area must phone in advance and have their names recorded and the approximate time they intend to arrive on the course.

Check in with the shop if it’s during opening hours or with the volunteers after the shop closes.

We must have full compliance on this as records must be retained for six weeks This is essential for ‘contact tracing’ in the event of it becoming necessary;


Regards and Thanks
John G Ryan
Hon Secretary

11th May- Re-opening Details

The critical guidelines in line with the protocol are included in the main text of this message.

As one of the first sports to be allowed to resume, there is a major responsibility on golf clubs and golfers to ensure that our sport is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Full adherence to the provisions of this Protocol is absolutely essential.

I’m am attaching the Protocol agreed between the 2 golf unions (ILGU and GUI) and Government for the resumption of golf in the Republic of Ireland and it is imperative that you read the Protocol and familiarize yourself with the rules that we all must comply with going forward.

Click here to read strict guidelines on about re-opening of the course.
Click here to read Protocol for Re-start of Golf

The following are critical to ensure we continue to keep our members safe and that we keep our club open for the rest of the year:

The return to golf is in 5 Phases with Phase 1 being necessarily restrictive, However as we progress through the Government’s Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business, restrictions on golf will ease through the phases.

1. No competitions of any nature until 8th June.

2. The time sheets are being set up on BRS as 3- balls at 14 min intervals per group and tee times are available from 09:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and from 08:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday.

3. The gates of the clubhouse will close at 21.00 each day and it is important that all members have left the ground before this time.

4. All players MUST BOOK ON-LINE ON BRS and must not go to the club unless so booked.
5. If you do not book you cannot play.

6. All Golf must start from the 1st tee box and under no circumstances are players to start from any other tee box on the course.

7. The shop opening hours will be in line with BRS and players must check in and their names will be recorded on time sheets and kept for a period of six weeks as per the guidelines. This is essential for ‘contact tracing’ in the event of it becoming necessary;

8. The locker rooms will be open for members to retrieve their golf equipment and you MUST take this home afterwards.

9. Toilets will be open but social distancing is imperative in these facilities.

10. We would ask that rubbish is not disposed of in the club grounds and is taken home for disposal as all rubbish bins will be closed off or removed from the course.

11. The time sheets will be live on Tuesday at 10:00 for booking on 18th May.

12. Members are requested not to book more than 3 times during the week. At week-ends no one should book for both Saturday or Sunday so as to enable workers have access.

13. Junior members (under18) must be accompanied by an adult. They must not come to the course if not booked on BRS.

14. Golf is only available to paid up members of Portarlington golf club who are insured while on the golf course.

15. We are fully aware of the extraordinary times we are going through and for this reason we are extending to the 31st May the deadline for non-paid up members to pay their subscriptions.

16. After this date we will have no option but to remove them from BRS.

17. In the interest of safety and social distancing we are going to use both car parks with a car parking space to be left vacant between each car.

If all members are compliant with the above and the general Protocol in the attached document, it will not be long before we are back playing our own competitions in line with the phased template.

We have being asked to monitor compliance and any person who is found to be breaking the rules will be sanctioned by Council. (This could include suspension)

Portarlington Golf Club must sign off with the GUI and ILGU that we are fully committed to the Protocol’s and have in place the necessary arrangements to ensure safe golf for all members.



May 3rd

Contact details for Golf Societies bookings or rescheduling   please contact  Shirly @ 085-8472134  between 09:00 -18:00  Monday to Friday who will deal with all  enquiries on your behalf.

All, as you are aware we are awaiting the guidelines and protocols from the GUi and ILGU for the restart of golf on 18th May, and this will determine group size in line with social distancing and other Health and Safety requirements.

We would ask all members to refrain from using BRS at this time to book tee times until the above is finalised.

Can members who have already book please remove themselves from the BRS system.

BRS is now closed off for all bookings until further notice.

As outline yesterday once we get these guidelines we will circulate to all members immediately.

May 2nd

Keeping to our commitment to keep our members updated on the COVID-19 pandemics impact our our great game.

The Captains, Presidents and committee’s will work tirelessly to ensure that whatever guidelines are introduced by our governing body in the next few days will be fully implemented quickly in Portarlington golf club to ensure we are ready for the 18th May

We would ask all members to be patient with us as we have to get this right to ensure the safety of all our members in the coming months

Our course is in pristine condition and awaiting us all to meet and play

Here’s to the safe return to the game of golf we all love and to play with our friends who are hail and hearty with us.

April 11

In keeping with our commitment to keep all members informed of the COVID-19 updates please see the latest from both the I.L.G.U and G.U.I
The extension of the Covid -19 restrictions announced until Tuesday 5 May means that golf clubs must remain closed until this time.

Essential green-keeping maintenance is permitted.
The GUI and ILGU will in the meantime continue to engage with the governments and state agencies in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland on the need for supports to be available for golf clubs to recover from the current crisis.

March 31

On behalf of P.G.C. Council Committee I hope you and your family are keeping well and safe in this extraordinary time.

We will continue to keep our members updated on all developments by our governing bodies as it arises into the future

I have copied a mail sent by both the ILGU and GUI in relation to their response to COVID-19

Re: GUI & ILGU Statement recommending all clubs and golf facilities to close

The Boards of the ILGU and GUI made the recommendation for clubs to close immediately to provide clarity in how the sport should respond to the measures announced by the UK and Irish governments.

We have been in direct contact with the relevant Government authorities who have confirmed that the Unions’ decision to advise clubs to close was the correct one.

The GUI and ILGU recommend that all golf clubs, practice facilities and courses across the island close with immediate effect until April 19th 2020.

This is the last thing the Unions would ever have wanted to do, but at a time of global emergency, golf must show solidarity with those around us, in our towns, villages and communities across the island.

We also note that all sporting activity in Ireland has now ceased, and that all golf clubs in the vast majority of European countries and many other countries worldwide – have been asked to close over the last few days as a result of this crisis.

March 24

As most members are now aware The Government has implemented new stringent measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This now includes the full closure Golf Clubs and Facilities and both the ILGU and GUI have endorsed this measure in light of the Governments update and Health experts advice on Social gatherings and to ensure that physical distancing is now a requirement to safe guard members from contacting COVID-19.

We will continue to keep all our members updated and ask that we all respect the above decision to stay at home and not to visit the golf course even for social golf.

See below a short excerpt from the Text communicated by GUI and ILGU this evening

GUI and ILGU Recommend all Clubs and Golf Facilities to close

We know that these decisions are difficult ones to make, but right now, it is our shared responsibility to prioritise the health of our local communities by working together to follow the respective Government guidelines. In doing so, this will ensure that we get the opportunity to play the game that we all love as soon as it is safe to do so.

For security and essential maintenance purposes, green keeping staff can still attend work.

All work must be carried out in strict accordance with government guidelines on physical (social) distancing. Clubs should divide course staff into two teams where possible and if one becomes unavailable, the other team will still be okay to work.

You will appreciate that this is a very fluid situation with new developments almost daily. We will continue to liaise with the appropriate authorities, and will ensure that our clubs are kept informed as to recommended best practice at all times.

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