Seniors Results 8th May


Seniors Results

Newbridge Monday May 8
1st J O’Reilly, C O’Connor,J Tinkler 58 2/5.
2nd. P Byron, P Duffy, J Shaw, P Clarke 59 2/7.
3rd. M Luttrell, D Conlon, J Rodgers, J Stapleton. 59 4/7.
44 played Thanks to Sean Coffey for cards.

Thursday May 11
1st. B Purcell, J Fitzpatrick, J Doris, G Ward. 40 4/5.
2nd Ml. Noonan, J Hooks, L Dempsey. 41 4/5.

Seniors Diary
Mondays 15,22 29 Golf at 10am.

Thursdays 18&25 golf at 11am.

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