REMINDER ….January €250 Subscription Draw..

… Jan 31st is fast approaching!!!!!

A draw for €250 will be held for all Full Members who have paid their Annual Subscription for 2018, including Levies, prior to 31 January 2018.

In addition, Full Members that pay their 2018 Annual Subscription prior to 31 January 2018 each receive 2 free Green Fees.

Members that are signed up to pay their Annual Subscription in instalments throughout 2018, through the Premium Credit facility, are fully paid-up Club Members once the account transaction has been accepted by Premium Credit. Consequently, all Premium Credit account holders established by 31 January are automatically included in the €250 draw.

A Member may also opt to pay his/her Annual Subscription by part cash and part credit – a payment of any portion of the 2018 Subscription initially and the balance through Premium Credit instalments.

Early payment of Annual Subscriptions is most appreciated, as it provides valuable cash flow to the Club and will greatly assist the Management of Club Finances and Estimates for 2018.

Best Regards and Best of Luck

Portarlington Golf Club

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