Captain’s Message


As incoming Captain of Portarlington Golf Club for 2019 I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude on behalf of the club to our very generous sponsors for their support during 2018 and look forward to continued support throughout 2019.

Portarlington Golf Club greatly appreciate the support we receive from our members, whether it is through individual contribution or group sponsorship. We again offer our sincere gratitude to our members whose overwhelming generosity is a huge factor in assisting with our financial well being.

Portarlington Golf Club is deeply indebted to all businesses for their support and would remind our members of the importance of shopping local and supporting our loyal sponsors whether they be local or otherwise.

We are presently in the process of compiling our Fixtures Schedule for 2019, and following this I shall be in touch personally with all our sponsors for the coming year, so whether you have commercial interests or have donated in a private capacity, we look forward your continued financial assistance during 2019.

Following on from the introduction of budgets we will be making determined efforts to emulate the great achievements in 2018 in reducing competition expenditure and increasing sponsorship income.

The major factors in achieving these targets are to have greater numbers of members participating in club competitions, and by increasing our sponsorship figures. With these in mind we would appeal to all our members for their continued support.

We appreciate the response we are already receiving from members offering new group sponsorship for 2019 competitions.

Members wishing to form new sponsor groups can contact me directly, and will be included in the 2019 Fixtures Schedule Booklet which we hope to have ready for print by the end of January.

Wishing you every success on and off the course for 2019..

Yours in golf

Thomas P Fitzpatrick.

Captain Portarlington Golf Club

Mobile No. 0871323601

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